Autumn styling

Autumn styling

Welcome to the first hint of Autumn.  As the leaves start to fall and the evenings draw in,we turn our attention to the cosy knitwear, autumnal colours and new colours  to welcome in the season.

The big question..What is the colour paletts for autumn?  If you have been a follower of ours you will know that our buying is personal a lot of thought and organisiation goes into the seasons.  For example, Roisin buys in stories, she selects key pieces for the season and builds a portfolio around these hues.

The colours she has selected for this seson, are teals, chocolates, lattes, carmel, mauve, purple creams and all the olives and kakhi.

The buying team in turn are able to react to emerging trends and source products to sit along side the  core products already sourced.   This  keeps the store fresh, seasonal and as always on trend.

We look forward to helping you in store at Angelica Rose, or online 

love Roisin

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